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Rika-How to draw a river, step by step-LP/CD

Rika-How to draw a river, step by step-LP/CD

"How to Draw a River, Step by Step" is the debut LP from Austria's Rika, though the band has been writing and recording music since 2005. While the LP is almost a decade in the making, the album is a true masterpiece that few bands will ever achieve in a lifetime of work. Effectively marrying piano and horns to guitar, bass, drums, and longing vocals, the album is broody, majestic, and open, like a frozen landscape painted by the last dying rays of sun before settling for a long cold night in the dead of winter. Feeling sad has never felt so right.

Visions:"...ein kleines Meisterwerk..." 11/12 Punkte
heartcooksbrain: "so gut wie Jimmy Eat World es seit Clarity nicht mehr waren." 9/10 Punkte
Absolutepunk.net: "Get into this, you won’t regret it." 8.8/10

Pick up their splits with Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) and Everton with this while you are at it.

Comes with download code. Co-release with Count your Lucky Stars Records (usa), so if live there order it here: www.cylsrecords.com/

First Pressing: 200 Black/300 Translucent Green (Sold out)
Second Pressing: 500 Translucent Blue

Track Listing:

1. Restless
2. Port Dover
3. Mute
4. See-Through
5. Safety Points
6. Ultramarine Blue
7. October
8. Retrospect
9. Treasure
10. Departure

Also available: CD-Version (Friend of mine Records, Japan) incl. bonus track "Skutner" (only 65 available in Europe)

9.90 EUR